Event Parking

Haymarket Park offers parking options for a variety of events.  Located just west of Memorial Stadium and just north of Pinnacle Bank Arena, Haymarket Park offers convenient parking for events of all sizes.

Husker Football Parking

Each fall over 80,000 fans pack Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium on home-game Saturdays to watch their hometown Huskers take on the nation’s best college football teams.  If you’re headed to a Husker Football game, chances are you’ll need a place to park.  With ample parking around the ballpark, and located just a few blocks from Memorial Stadium, the Haymarket Park lots are the best choice for parking every weekend Nebraska plays at home.

Lots open at 6:00am for 11:00am games and 8:00am for any games starting after 11:00am.

Single Game

$175/Car – Lot 21 ($25/game)
$1,750/RV  – Lot 19 ($250/game)

Please contact the Haymarket Park Ticket Office:

Phone: 402.441.4182
Email: colterc@saltdogs.com
Husker Men’s Basketball Parking

Husker Basketball fans are consistently packing Pinnacle Bank Arena each and every home game.  Haymarket Park offers ample parking just a short walk away.  Connected by pedestrian bridge, Haymarket Park is a convenient and quick place to park each and every home basketball game.

Single Game

Parking Price: $5/Car



  • Includes parking for all exhibition and regular season games
  • Convenient access in and out of games at Pinnacle Bank Arena

Please contact the Haymarket Park Ticket Office:

Phone: 402.474.2255 or 402.441.4182
Email: colterc@saltdogs.com
Pinnacle Bank Arena Event Parking

Pinnacle Bank Arena was recently nominated as the Best New Major Concert Venue Award by Pollstar Magazine and hosts a number of large acts throughout the year.  Haymarket Park offers convenient parking for select events at the arena.  Our parking lots are only a short walk to the arena and Haymarket District via 2 pedestrian bridges.  Parking availability for upcoming Pinnacle Bank Arena events will be noted on the Calendar of Upcoming Events.

Q: Where is it located in relation to Memorial Stadium?
A: Haymarket Park is located about a half of a mile northwest of Memorial Stadium. 403 Line Drive Circle is the address of Haymarket Park. Charleston Street or the Haymarket Park walking bridge are the two ways to travel to Memorial Stadium. RV Parking is close to the corner of Charleston and 6th Street.
Q: What does it cost to park overnight?
A: Car parking rates are $30 per vehicle and are only allowed to park the day of the game. They will need to be moved out of the lot by noon of the day following the game. RV parking rates are $300 per vehicle. Season passes are available for $195 per vehicle ($25/game / $35/Game for Wisconsin & Ohio State) and $1,750 per RV ($250/game).  RV parking is allowed from Friday evening until Sunday evening.
Q: How soon can I enter Haymarket Park and when do I have to leave?
A: The lots will then open at 6 a.m. for 11 a.m. games and 8 a.m. for all other games. Parked cars will need to be moved out of the lot by noon of the day following the game. RV parking is allowed from Friday evening until Sunday evening.
Q: Can I reserve a spot or do I have to buy one at the time I arrive?
A: Reserve Season Car Parking Pass can be purchased through the University of Nebraska Athletic Department. RV parking is only allowed on a first come-first served basis the day before or day of the game. A car parking pass can also be purchased by the game on a first come-first served basis on the day of the game.
Q: Is there security throughout the night?
A: There is NOT overnight security at Haymarket Park.
Q: What sort of facilities does the Park offer?
A: Haymarket Park is NOT a RV camping area. There are no electrical hookups, water hookups, or waste dumping or pumping stations. There are public restrooms available.
Q: May I set up a tent in my parking place?
A: Sleeping outside or in tents is strictly prohibited at Haymarket Park. You may set up a tent or awning in the grass areas around the parking lot where available. You can NOT take up a parking spot with a tent or awning.
Q: Is there a curfew and are there noise restrictions?
A: A strict noise restriction is in effect from 12 a.m. until 7 a.m. At all other times, noise levels must remain at a reasonable level.
Q: Are pets permitted?
A: Pets are allowed, but must be kept on a leash at all times and must be cleaned up after. (ONLY for Husker Football Parking)
Q: Are ATV’s, four-wheelers or golf carts permitted?
A: These and any other motorized vehicles like them are prohibited.
Q: If I have specific questions that aren’t covered here, who can I contact?
A: It’s as easy as calling 402-441-4191, or by stopping by the Lincoln Saltdogs Administrative Offices at Haymarket Park.