Haymarket Park is the home field of the Lincoln Saltdogs and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Total capacity is around 8,500, which includes 4,500 seating and around 4,000 people can sit in the grass berm areas along the 1st and 3rd base lines and the outfield areas.

Whether you have a group of 10 or 10,000, Haymarket Park has viable options to accommodate your event needs.  The Pepsi Home Run Terrace and Picnic areas are great for birthday parties with friends and family, as well as corporate and fun company outings.  If you’re looking for something more upscale, our Diamond View Lounge features a private chef, catering and wait staff which includes hundreds of menu options to fit your tastes and needs.  You can even rent the field!  Haymarket Park has been host to dozens of concerts including Bob Dylan, Def Leppard, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson.

Haymarket Park has also been host to hundreds of benefit events since it’s opening in 2001, including events for the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and United Way, as well as events for the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, People’s City Mission and the Cornhusker State Games.

With its close proximity to the Haymarket, the park-within-a-park sports complex beautifully enhances the wholesome, family atmosphere that is such a vibrant part of this area.  Great care has been taken to design a sports complex that is modern, yet still embraces the time-honored traditions of baseball and the proud heritage that is the Haymarket.  The name Haymarket Park embodies the essence of the history of baseball, and the history of Lincoln itself.

Haymarket Park is:
A Concert Venue
A Meeting Place
A Parking Option